Product Description

The Ugni Blanc grape variety is well-known under the name Trebiano Toscana. It stems from the eastern part of the Mediterranean and brings a fruity acidity and light tone that reminds of the scent of bitter almonds. This sparkling wine is pure joie de vivre and the epitome of stylish and elegant celebrating. Sparkling wine is just as manifold as wines and people are throughout the world. Its class and its quality is influenced by the joining – the ‘marriage’ – of different, selected wines. They are each sparkling wine maker’s secret. This Cuvée then ferments with specially selected yeast, which converts sugar to alcohol and carbonic acid. This second fermentation results in an extremely dry, bubbly product. These bubbles are also called mousseaux, which is a byword for quality referring to the release of carbonic acid. Before bottling, this dry sparkling wine is blended with a fine liqeur, the composition of which determines the taste designation. The known designations are ‘brut’, extra brut’, ‘extra dry’, ‘dry’, ‘medium dry’ and ‘mild’.



Varietal:  Ugni Blanc

Vintage:  N/V

Region:  Epernay, Champagne

Country:  France

Best Served with:  Aperitif with canapés, Rich Seafood, Caviar

Alcohol Volume:  10.5%

Standard Drinks:  5.92