Product Description

The Burg Layer Schlosskapelle vineyard is the flagship estate of the Pieroth family. The vineyard is situated on the slopes surrounding our head office and is planted with a selection of various grape varieties. In 1976 in recognition of over 300 years and to distinguish its unique and exquisite wine the Pieroth family revived an old tradition. Naturally occurring Cobalt in local sands used to make the glass, turned the glass bottles blue. Today embossed with the Pieroth family crest the bottle is recognised and found on the tables of wine lovers in over 20 countries known simply as the ‘Pieroth Blue’. This beautiful Kabinett wine is soft and elegant. The bouquet has a fresh slightly floral nose, accompanied by subtle green apple, white peach, honey, tea and lime flavours. Light bodied and well balanced, with lively fresh acidity makes this the ultimate white wine for all occasions.



Varietal:  Silvaner

Vintage:  2017

Region: Nahe

Country:  Germany

Best Served with: Pork and White Meats, Japanese Cuisine and Spicy Asian Food, Fresh Seafood, Cheese and Fruit

Alcohol Volume:  8%

Standard Drinks:  4.74