Product Description

Sekt is a German term for some sparkling wine. The majority of Sekt produced is made by the Charmat method with the remaining premium Sekt being made according to the méthode traditionnelle. Sekt was initially an informal German name for sparkling wine, coined in Berlin 1825, but was in common use by the 1890s. Germany has the highest per capita consumption of sparkling wine in the world. Ice wine grapes must be unaffected by botrytis and it is always a gamble for vintners, because they have to decide to leave grapes on the vine long after the regular harvest is finished. If the temperature doesn’t turn cold enough and stay consistently below freezing, the entire harvest is lost. However, in the rare years when a harvest occurs, the grapes are pressed frozen, which means that very little water gets into the press, extracting a small quantity of highly concentrated juice. The resulting elixir creates a vibrant bond between sweetness and acidity. Years of patience and persistence from Pieroth’s top wine makers has resulted in a limited cuvee available only to our Wine Club Members. Sparkling Eiswein Sekt, a unique and rare experience not to be missed and a perfect edition to any Champagne lovers collection. An exceptionally clean and refreshing sparkling wine that is sure to impress with exotic aromas and flavours of passionfruit, peach and sweet lemon. The natural residual sugar is washed away by the perfect balance of mouth-watering acidity. A sparkling wine with fine structure, good length and always leaves you wanting more.



Varietal:  Riesling

Vintage:  N/V

Region:  Nahe Valley

Country:  Germany

Best Served with:  As an aperitif or enjoyed with dessert

Alcohol Volume:  11%

Standard Drinks:  6.52