Product Description

Having aged for some time in Bourbon Barrels this German made liqueur has hints of vanilla from the oak. Enjoy neat, on the rocks or over crushed ice. This liqueur is made in the spirit of Irish Legend and folklore. Irish Whiskey or “water of life”” as it is known in Ireland has been legally produced since 1608. But Ireland is famous for producing the unofficial Whiskey, Poitín traditionally distilled in a small pot-still made from potatoes or barley grain. It is one of the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world, and for centuries it was illegal in Ireland. Poitín was generally produced in remote rural areas, away from the interference of the law. Stills were often set up on land boundaries so the issue of ownership could be disputed when they were caught by the police. The photo is of the famous Round Tower at Glendalough up in the Wicklow Mountains where many a rebel would have been caught back in the day with an illegal Poitin still.
The valley was formed during the last ice age by a glacier and the pure spring water is a huge factor in producing quality Irish Whiskey.



Quality:  Premium Blended

Region:  Riverstown

Country:  Ireland

Best Served with:  On its own, over ice or blend it with coffee!

Alcohol Volume:  35%

Standard Drinks:  13.82