Top-Rated Mixed Dozen

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Simply the best! From the best in the country to the best in the world, this mixed dozen includes some of the top rated wines on Vivino.

  • 3x Shiver of Sharks
  • 3x Burg Layer Schlosskapelle
  • 3x Parliament of Owls
  • 3x Côtes-du-tarn

Price: $330.00   $129.99


Shiver of Sharks

This South Australian native is a Cabernet Sauvignon with real bite. The Shiver of Sharks is a rich, complex wine with layers of flavour and soft, fine, well structured tannins. Open the bottle and you’ll experience rich purple hues with complex a nose prominent in blackcurrant, tobacco and leafy characters and a hint of game. On the palate, there are hints of cassis flavours, cigar box and cedar.

Burg Layer Schlosskapelle

Meet Pieroth’s flagship white wine from Germany. Rated in the top 1% of wines in the country, the bouquet has a fresh and slightly floral note, accompanied by subtle green apple, white peach, honey, tea and lime flavours. With it’s signature blue bottle, it’s beautiful from start to finish.

Parliament of Owls Cabernet Sauvignon

Voted by our customers as our top Aussie red and by Vivino users as being in the top 1% of wines in the world, this wine is silky and fruit driven with the smoothest tannins. Its rich, ripe and velvety, bursting with chocolaty undertones and layers of juicy black fruit. Go ahead, see what the fuss is about!


The Côtes du tarn is a French favourite that has received the blessings of the most ideal growing climates from the south-west of France, resulting in a wine that is light, fresh and subtle. On the nose are light citrus fruits and hints of melon, while fruity flavours of peach and apricot are sure to delight your palate. This wine is perfect with lean meat dishes or fish, prawn or crab and just right to help cool off that summer heat.